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Acupuncture To Go - Lifewave Patches

The body has many visible systems such as circulatory system, lymphatic system, digestive system and many other systems. They carry their own substances like the blood in the circulatory system and the nutrients in the digestive system. 

There are invisible systems in the body. The meridian system is one of them. Unlike all the visible systems, it carries the invisible energy, the Qi.  Acupuncture treatment is based on the meridian system. It stimulates the Qi. Therefore, the body reacts to the stimulation quickly because it stimulates the energy not the materiaL 

There is another invisible system that is the light system. The body makes the vitamin D from the sun light. The sun doesn't inject any chemicals into the body but the light. The Lifwave patches are biophotomodulators also called Photo Therapy.  They are activated by the body heat, a form of infrared light that stimulates the light system in the body. 

The purpose of using acupuncture with the lifewave patches is to prolong the effectiveness of acupuncture and enhance the body's natural healing energy. 

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